About Us

What you should know about Susan McElroy & Associates Ltd.


Susan has been writing and producing communications materials for over 30 years.  Yes, it’s a long time, but we subscribe to the theory that experience is a good thing and Susan and her clients benefit from her years in the industry.

Susan says “It is communications - not rocket science – not magic and definitely not spin.”


How does she do it?

She works to the premise that exceptional communication strategies and deliverables are comprised of truth, skill and hard work.

Susan’s clients appreciate her directness – both personally and in her writing  and visual production style. She keeps it fresh and her clients are continually surprised by her.  Sometimes Susan is actually surprised by Susan and that’s a good day!

Susan incorporates her sense of humour into every project and her ability to keep messages simple and easily understood is one of her strong suits.  Getting your message out, whatever that message might be, is the critical task and finding the most productive and direct method and medium is always the challenge.  Susan likes a challenge.


May I see your references, please?

Susan has an extensive environmental and community services based client list as well as municipal and corporate experience.  Multiple video and web production projects round out her talents.

Susan is always happy to introduce potential new clients to current and former clients, however, she has a very strict policy about sharing client information on websites.  She doesn’t.
Susan believes the best place for communications companies and consultants are “in the background, behind the scenes, and away from the limelight”.  She doesn’t speak for clients or about them to anyone, unless specifically instructed to do so and with a definite purpose in mind.  If you’re interested in talking to Susan’s clients and getting the low down on how she works, then just give her a call and introductions can be made.


Who are the Associates?

About Us might have been better titled – About Susan – and that’s because Susan takes the lead and the responsibility for the work that comes to the company.  She does have Associates though and she’s very proud of them.  Susan knows she can’t do it all and although she has many talents, is an incredible quick study and believes we  CAN learn new skills, she also believes experience and talent are great to work with and deliver the best end product.  Susan likes her Associates and when she needs to pull in the resources required to complete a job she does just that.


Anything else?

Susan is an accomplished storyteller.  One of her best  “communication” based tales incorporates astronauts, the Space Shuttle, Canada’s largest exhibition and multiple alarm clocks.  If you’d like to hear it – just ask.

Recently Susan took on a new project.

Your Old South magazine is a small and locally focused publication serving the area of London known as – you guessed it – The Old South.  Susan’s been a resident of this amazing and rather popular neighbourhood for 13 years. When the opportunity came along to provide content and editor services to this fledgling mag – she took it.  Susan McElroy & Associates Ltd. has since acquired all rights to the publication and control.  This is going to be an interesting project and you can find the latest edition online at YourOldSouth.com.

Initial response has been positive and finding interesting people, places and events to include has been fairly easy.  If you haven’t had a good look at your neighbourhood lately you should.